Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Negligence & The Queen of Procrastination

I write when i have too many things going through my head.
I write mostly when i'm confused, sad, angry... or bored.
I don't write when i'm happy- i'm too busy enjoying life to take the time to actually put it into writing.
I go through "writer's block" A LOT. I have a lot to say but don't know how to say it.
I think twice about what i put out there... do i really wanna let people into my life like that?
Sometimes, i just don't give a flying f@#%.

I am the Queen of Procrastination. Give me a project and you can bet everything that means anything to you that i won't get to it or start crackin at it til the very last minute (or the last 24, maybe even less, hours). That's how i've always been.
But the perfectionist in me will make sure it is of awesome quality and won't rest til it's to my satisfaction. I lose hair because of these moments.
BUT i get it done on time. =) ha!

I stopped writing on here in the beginning of the year... and look what we have here. I'm back just right before the year ends. Typical.

As any ordinary life goes... it was a roller coaster, as usual.
Very high highs, and some ultimately deep and treacherous lows.
I wish i had those implant video thingies like in that movie The Final Cut with Robin Williams. Either that or Dumbledore's Pensieve Bowl- where he takes out memories and dumps it into a very pretty stone bowl, and whenever he feels like it, he can go back to any memory he has had in his whole entire life. Pretty awesome concept if you ask me.

The year whizzed on by. I remember the days would drag sometimes, but the weeks and months seemed to just fly by like nothing.

Ian came home at the end of March. I met his parents. It didn't go very well (but that's a whole other story). I said goodbye to Ian... and it was seriously one of the hardest things i ever had to do. We've been good though. Keeping in touch every day and catching up whenever we have time. Long distance is a bitch and i seriously don't recommend it to anyone. A lot of people think i'm crazy for even thinking of doing this... but hey, if you think it's worth it, you give it a shot. So far, so good. One year down, 5 more to go. (yeah. haha. Wouldn't you like to know how that fairy tale ends?)
I don't get to see him til later because... i'm from here. Manila. The Philippines. He's over there... The States. Try being me and apply for an American Visa. Ha! Yeah, still trying to work that out...

Dylan is absolutely in love with school and he's having the time of his life. I wish i could be 4 years old again... life was so simple. I can only imagine how huge the world seems to be to him. They grow up way too fast.

Finally, finally, finally did a gig outside the country. Singapore was awesome and we had an incredible party. Jena and i are ecstatic. We're just waiting for even bigger things to hit us. This is gonna be phenomenal.
The food in Singapore was iiiiiiiiiiiin-f*ckin-credible. WOW.
Shanghai on the other hand... maybe i went to all the wrong places... but the shopping was serious business. =) I came home practically in debt.
We're waiting for confirmation dates on Canada, Dubai, Germany, KL, and Australia (maybe). How can i not be psyched about that??? Keeping my fingers crossed that the green passport doesn't fail me.
These are the moments that make me absolutely love my job.

I have days when i feel like there just isn't enough hours in a day... and other days where i feel like the day is just way too long. (That was a lot of"day(s)")
I wish i could write as often as i'd like...
These are one of those days when i have a lot of time on my hands. I'm in"recharge" mode... i'm getting ready for work tonight (meaning i'm doing absolutely nothing), i'm researching new music, i'm stalking friends on Facebook/MySpace, taking time to write emails to letters that need a long-overdue response, and untagging pictures that i deem unflattering or just completely embarrassing (due to retarded alcoholic consumption, i seem to have a lot of those- and i'm not proud of it).

I have too many of these things that i have to sign up for. Soon enough, i'll be forgetting the passwords and usernames to some of them and it'll be completely useless.
Blogger * Multiply * Myspace * Facebook * Friendster * Photobucket * MySlide * Gmail * Yahoo * AIM * Kodak (Photo something... see, i forgot already) * WAYN??? *

So this turned out to be a word-vomit session.
I may or may not have made sense... but atleast i got to write a few things down.