Sunday, May 31, 2009

Home sweet Home

Made it back...
-after being left stranded, alone and helpless in a city i knew nothing about- with no contact numbers, no phone, no internet, nobody i could reach, and nobody at the airport giving a flying f**k (with a few exceptions that turned out to be lifesavers!)
-i tolerated sexual/religious/racial discrimination at the Doha airport
-with minimal sleep
-fighting hunger, dehydration and fatigue
-after a missed flight, a faulty visa, no exit permit, and then a 10 hour waiting period til the next flight out.
-without being able to tell Jena what happened so God knows what she was thinking.

"Charge it to experience", said the man i met on the plane.

What a story.

I think i'm gonna crash for 2 days straight and write in full detail about my crazy desert experience later.

I'd be happy to never have to go through that again.

[To those 3 random Filipino strangers that took pity on me at the airport and was more than willing to help a kababayan out- THANK YOU. I don't know what i would have done if you weren't there.

To the check-in guy that was nice enough to help me out- the ONLY one in that whole airport nice enough to lend a hand- THANK YOU. I would have been a mess if it weren't for you.]

You'll all know what i'm talking about soon enough.

13 hours of sleep TOTAL in the span of 4 days. With work, travel, and socializing part of the equation.

Good night World. See you on TUesday.
Over and out.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


9 hour flight.
No sleep.
Flying 9 hours with no sleep and a hangover is not a good idea.

Qatar is hella far.
The heat is intense. The desert is really something else. I am in awe.
I absolutely love the fact that i'm HERE. =)

Time to nap. It's 9:29pm Manila time. It's only 4:29pm here. Weird. Gotta rest up and get up on time to experience a Thursday night in the Middle East. =)


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Arbitrary Mind Picks #6

1. I'm feeling much better than i did 2 days ago. That's good. I'm still sick... but not sick enough to stay home. =p

2. To drink or not to drink. That is my dilemma. There's a huge party going on tonight. It's the last time i will be seeing my good friend Samwell til... well, i'm not sure exactly... but it won't be for a looooong time.
It's a few other people's despedidas too.
Oh no. I'm gonna end up drinking, i know it.

3. I leave at 10:25am tomorrow for Qatar! =) YaY!!!
On that note- i must pack before the chaos that is tonight begins.
It is 106 degrees over there of straight desert heat. Women aren't allowed to wear anything revealing- no shorts, no tank tops. But even if we were allowed- we'd have to cover up anyway. A few minutes under the sun is enough for us to burn.
The Philippines is 5 hours ahead. The flight to Doha takes approximately 9 hours. So we leave here at 10:25. Land at 7:25pm Manila time but 2:25pm Qatar time. I love how how i get 5 hours of my life back. =) haha [only to lose it on my way back to Manila, i guess]

Jena and i are gonna have so much fun. I can't wait.

4. Ian and i celebrated our 4th Year Anniversary. Well, we didn't really do anything... but we crossed our 4th year mark. That's longer than an average marriage in the United States. Nyerk.

5. Incompetence annoys me. I absolutely hate how you can have 12 people hired to help you in a department store and they're really good at gathering around to chitchat... but when it comes to helping you- they're ALL absolutely USELESS.
Robinson's Place Ermita, Department Store, Men's Section in the old wing- i'm looking at you.

6. I'm in love with my son. He's just incredible like that.

*Peace out. Wish me luck.
Desert Sun and Dunes of Sand, away from Manila, here i come. =)

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Revenge of Biological Processes

*"Take THAT!!!", It said.

After party-hardy-ing it up last week, my immune system decided to go on strike and allow various germs to get at me and hit me with the good ol' fashioned cough, colds, and joint pains. It's teaching me a lesson. I can't say anything. I deserve it.

Damm... i'm hella sick.

For the first time in my life, however, i'm willing to take meds and have even gone as far as self-medicating. Meaning- nobody has to force me to take those tiny little pills to shut me up and make me feel better. I'm doing all that on my own. *pat on the back*

I don't agree with medication. Majority of the time i refuse to take any. Even if it has profound imagination altering effects, i'd rather steer clear away from "chemicals". I've always been more of the Herbal kind.

It's a long story and also very ironic given that my boyfriend is a doctor. I just think that normal household remedies should do the trick- lots of water, some good rest, and awesome, homemade soup.

In some way, i also feel like i'm making a statement. I know i will never be heard and this selfless act will never make a difference- but if you put a price on health, and a price on life... who's to say that we deserve an instant pick-upper more than the next person who's begging for food on that block down the street? I'm pretty sure he/she is having a shitty day too.

Anyway, I'm going to have to ignore that and insist on being ignorant. I am trying to get better and i hope that it works sooner rather than later. If this doesn't go away before Qatar, i will be one cranky Dj.
I know it serves me right. Thinking i can party like it's 1999. What the heck was going through my head? *tsk tsk tsk

This past week was a glimpse on what life was really like years back. Out every single night, the massive amounts of alcohol consumption, head home as the sun comes up, sleep during the day, and up early evening just in time to do it all over again. This was everyday. Two years- straight. I was 17 years old then. It took a lot longer til the fatigue kicked in, but it undoubtedly did... in the worst way i could remember.

I was bed ridden for 2 weeks. I had an intense fever, the shakes, no appetite, and was shivering in the Manila heat. I lost a total of 20 pounds in 4 days. It was my body's way of telling me that it had had enough. I waved my flag of surrender and obliged.

I'm sure these types of things are appropriate for vacations and such, but a lifestyle that involves all of these vices on a constant basis can't be good. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. I'm probably hit with a double whammy because... well, i don't even take vitamins! I can't really expect to be immune to illness. This was totally heading in my direction.

I have been doing this for a good amount of time. 10 years of partying like a Rock Star can take its toll... obviously.
I'm ready for the quiet life. Bring on the books and the DVDs.
I will thank myself in the future if i start the act of youth preservation now.
Sounds like an awesome plan.

3 more days til Qatar. This Vitamin C better get to work. I'm rooting for Decolgen and Solmux. Sleep might do me some good too.

Take your vitamins, kids.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Goombas

(L-R: Kei, Enzo, Aix, Gio)

My brother and my sister (aka Gio & Aix, aka the Guitar Hero Champions of the Metro) entered a Rock Band competition that took place at Frii Spirit in Katipunan last night. So i rolled myself out of bed and willed myself over to show my love and support.

Aside from Mario Bros., i've never been one for video games. These days i will go as far as Text Twist, Zuma, or Tetris...
These two, on the other hand (Gio, especially), are all about the video games. I will give them props because i know, first hand, how hard it is to be so good at what they do. They were "practicing" (if you can even call it that- they really were just playing) all day, everyday, til the wee hours of the morning. I guess the same thing goes for everything- practice makes perfect. Or as Gio would like to say it- practice makes sanay.

They picked lots and were to be the 5th band to play. While waiting for their turn they were the epitome of calm and cool. Asked if they were nervous, the response was always, "nope". Out of all 7 bands participating in the competition they were the most collected. Not a hint of anxiety. The attitude of winners.

They annihilated the competition and racked up points that settled in the millions. By far, they were the best in terms of skill. The 2nd best team only did a measly 700,000 and the rest averaged even way below that. They had their costumes and makeup on to fit the Rock Band persona. They were a shoo-in for the trophy.

I snapped their photos and recorded their video. I was like their personal band-aid, photographer, fan, and proud mother all rolled into one.

When the time came to announce the winners, it was a huge disappointment- they ranked 2nd place. They lost by 4% due to audience participation. Obviously, the other team had more friends present. Personally, i also thought the song picked out by the judges wasn't exactly "audience-participation-friendly". Boo...

But they put themselves out there and delivered an excellent performance. I treated them to Starbucks afterwards (haha), and no matter what- they will always be champions to me. =)

Friday, May 22, 2009


Yes. I was.

The weekend is here yet again. Wow. That was fast.
The whole week seemed like it was kind of a blur... well, mostly because that's all it was, seriously.

Alcohol consumption began on Friday last week. It is now Friday again... and not one day has passed this week that i didn't have a hangover. I don't know why i subject myself to this torture over and over again. But it's something that just happens.

My liver hates me. I've said this before. Today, i feel like my entire body hates me for everything that i have put it through this week. My limbs are sore and my muscles are in pain- probably from all the dancing, the jumping, the laughing, the running, and falling down a flight of stairs. My throat is feeling a bit coarse and my immune system is shot- i now have a cold and i hate it. I am lacking severe amounts of sleep and i can't think straight.

This is my cue.

I am a trooper no more.
I'm also not 18 years old anymore. I have been doing this for a decade. Retirement should be considered to be in my very near future... no matter how much fun this can be- there's a fine line between fun and stupid.

I don't recommend this to anybody. Waking up feeling like an 18 wheeler truck just ran you over and left you for dead near a construction sight with all the drilling and the pounding and the shaking is not a good feeling.
Eating ridiculous amounts of food while highly intoxicated right before sleeping is not a good idea either, but it seems to be a very common and popular after-party ritual- anywhere in the world.

This is what happens when your friends find out that they're only on vacation for 2 weeks or you discover you have to entertain guests from another country. Playing host has never been my strong point. But welcome to the PI night life.
When school starts for them again and the guests leave the country- real talk, i'm going on full hibernation.

I would also like to extend my thanks and gratitude to the babysitters i have at home. Without them, none of this would even be possible. Thank you Mom & Dad, and Gio & Aix.
Dylan keeps telling me i should just stay home. He's very smart. =P

If you see me this weekend, don't come up to me just to say i look tired- i already know.



**literally, a blur.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Stand by Me

-the title of my favorite movie when i was a kid. It came out in 1986.
-also the title of one of my most favorite songs. Originally by Ben E. King, came out in 1960, with numerous renditions and various cover versions to follow- another one of my particular favorite would be John Lennon's version.
-another song (completely different version) performed by Oasis, written by lead guitarist Noel Gallagher released in 1997. I love that one too.
-something i would hope my friends/loved ones would do in my time of need.
-something the general public does when standing in line.
-a saying. In other words would mean "Have my back" or "You got me".
example: "I think they're gonna kick my ass. You got me, right?", "Sure dude. I got your back".
-what i wouldn't want a psychotic lunatic to do if one were in my vicinity.

This is because i needed something to lift my spirit and listening to this can do just that. Another good example of undiscovered yet incredible talent. Great artists who might never get their shot but are absolutely brilliant in their own right.

I ran into this on someone's blog. I'll not say who as to avoid looking like a stalker *ahemJasonMrazahem*

I absolutely LOVE it.
Ultimately FRESH.

From the award-winning documentary, "Playing For Change: Peace Through Music", comes the first of many "songs around the world" being released independently.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fight or Flight?

*The geek in me says:

There's a planet/star/asteroid heading towards our planet. It's 8 times larger than the size of Earth. Estimated time of impact- 3 years.

What are you going to do?

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Or not.

Earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, forest fires, heat waves, tsunamis, snow in the desert- all of these climate changes because a massive chunk of rock is heading for our galaxy and disrupting our gravitational pull. Its invasion of our space will cause a major shift.

The Ice Age happened in the span of an hour. Everything in the planet was frozen solid in about 60 minutes. Who's to say that can't happen again? A mammoth was found frozen in ice and its stomach contents weren't even digested yet.

What if Atlantis really did sink? What if Noah really did make an Ark because a flash flood was gonna kill everyone and everything in its path.
Why is there a seed depository in Antarctica? Saving all the different species of plants. The new "Noah's Ark" because when the shift happens it turns into the tropics?

Seen the movie trailer for 2012? What would the governments of the world do to save its people?


There won't be a warning because the whole world will panic. Imagine billions of people at your gate begging you to save their lives.

They'll save the people who can afford to pay for a spot on some space shuttle. They'll save all the politicians and their families. They'll probably throw in some scientists, doctors, teachers, athletes, and entertainers.

I'm gonna be sitting on a beach somewhere waiting for it to NOT happen.
My dad just told me Hawaii should be safe.
Just in case.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Arbitrary Mind Picks #5

1) I drank too much coffee yesterday. I was up til 7am this morning. (haha. oops) So it ruined my sleep and put a dent in my wallet. Blast you Starbucks!

[But thank you for letting us sit outside for 5 hours and write on all your newspapers when we only order one drink... oh, and thanks for all the "free samples" you throw our way. Much appreciated. Honestly, it keeps on bringing us back. haha]

2) The Universe didn't allow me to go through with Switzerland. =( The green passport disappoints in so many levels.

3) I really have to start working on the tandem set for Qatar. Putting 2 procrastinators together isn't the most brilliant idea. haha!

However, we had a "music meeting" yesterday, and honestly- Jena and i will be totally fine. I'm not worried at all.

By the way, the PRs in Qatar are dubbing the gig as the "Pacquiao vs. Hatton rematch". Why? Because it's 2 Filipinas playing... and their resident DJs are 2 dudes from London. Could it be possible they're thinking we actually might suck? Ah. I love being underestimated. =) *twiddling thumbs* You'll see.

4) I am gonna splurge today- to make up for not being able to go to Switzerland. Retail therapy is good therapy.

5) I am addicted to crossword puzzles. Shows how much time i have on my hands, huh?
I also believe it can make you smarter... even just by a little bit.

6) I love discovering good books... but i hate how i lose sleep over them. *yawn*

7) I still don't understand the weather.
Is it really rainy season already??? or is it still summer? It's scary because this has never happened before. The snow caps are melting, mountains are sinking, the world is getting warmer, and i'm downloading my own music??? What is this world coming to???

8) Oh crap, i still have to download music. LOL!

9) How do you tell your 5 year old that when you try to discipline him or tell him off... he's not allowed to use the same lines i deliver to get back at me?

10) Working out is doing wonders for me... Dieting is making me miserable.

I think i'll go eat a donut now.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


*That's not right. I don't think it should be doing that.

There is smoke coming from my laptop charger...
I think its charging days are over. I'm contemplating getting it fixed... but it's kinda phased out, so i wonder if they'll do anything.
I wish i had that extra charger. Too bad i left it at the club.
Maybe i should just go to Apple.

It has electric tape wrapped around the base of the wire. A sticker to hold a broken piece together. And a hair tie to keep the wire in a specific position, in a specific place. Poor thing.

Curious me, i unwrapped the electric tape to see what was going on... Lo and behold- the rubber tubing straight melted off (it's brown- like someone held a flame to it), to reveal the actual wires for everyone to see. *sigh*

I don't know why i felt like i had the need to blog about this... but the smoke really gave me a start.

Do they still sell plugs for a 12" Powerbook G4? No, right?

And i just found out:
-It's irrepairable.
-The hotline number for Apple that was given to me doesn't work.

What to do...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

i heart you...

"To the world you might be one person, but to one person you are the world"


The Philippines






To the everyday heroes of the world.
I love you Mom.
Happy Mommy's Day. =)

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Sweetest Thing I've Ever Known...

How do i love thee? Let me count the ways. =)

*I love how you deliver me my good morning kiss as soon as you see me open my eyes in the morning. It's the greatest way to start my day.

*I love how you sing all day.

*I love how you get creative with your toys. It reminds me a lot of myself when i was your age (i never thought i'd say that. haha). Using your imagination is the best way to go, kid. =)

*I love how you're driven when you know exactly what you want. And i appreciate how understanding you are and how patient you can be when i tell you you're not allowed to have what you want. It tells me i've been doing something right... =P

*I love how you answer to my "call".

*I love how you ask permission for EVERYTHING. I think it's really cute. Even though it does get a bit irritating sometimes. I'd rather have that than you never asking at all. haha!

*I love how you feel like you have the need to always protect me. Even if you had to fight someone 3 times your size. It's flattering. And then you make them apologize after. My little hero.

*I love how you sit next to me quietly and try to make me feel better when you know i'm not feeling well. How you brush my hair, stroke my face, and hug me to make everything better. I want you to know that it always works.

*I love how you memorize all the lines from your cartoons. I used to do that too. I think it's impressive. haha!

*I love how you love to run... and how you love to swim and don't swim at the same time.
You'll get there. haha

*I love your sound effects.

*I love the look on your face when i come home.

*I love how you insist on walking me to the door and opening it for me every single time before i leave the house. I also love how you say Goodbye. I always set off in good spirits. =)

*I love how you taught me the Transformers song. =)

*I love how you think you can use my own lines on me when you're mad. Sorry, it doesn't work that way, hunnie.

*I love how you react to the million and one names i have for you.

*I love how you say, "I love you, MOmmy". I melt, every single time.

*I love how we have our own inside jokes.

*I love your infatuation with sticks.

*I love the way you wink.

*I love your impersonations.

*I think you have the craziest burp for a kid your age.

*I love that you can thrive in your own world... and how you try to be so independent.

*I love our 5 kisses.

*I love that i love everything about you.

*I love how you say Good Night.

Good night Sweetie.

Sleep Well.

Sweet Dreams.

See you tomorrow.


Hug me.

Happy 5th Birthday my Love. You're more than i could have ever hoped for. You make me proud every single day.

MOmmy LOVES you.

*Dylan @ 4 months old.
*Dylan @ 4 years, 11 months, 28 days... and me.

***[apparently, Dylan was born on Star Wars Day. I read this somewhere and thought it was catchy- May the 4th be with you. LOL!]

Friday, May 1, 2009

Arbitrary Mind Picks #4

*Random Nothings in My Head

1. Britney Spears' music manages to get stuck in my head a lot. I don't know why.

2. I went past getting a tan and went straight to burning myself to oblivion. Ouch... So now, i'm just dark... tomorrow, i'll peel... in a few days, i'll be back to pale. Hay na'ku.
I also need makeup to match my new skin color... agh. I'm too lazy for that.

3. Dylan's turning 5 years old! I can't believe how grown up he's gotten, how big he is, and all the progress he's made. He's still a little baby to me... i forget that he's so far from that already.

4. I'm going hiking on Monday with Dylan and a few other people. It's gonna be so awesome. Good food, more beach, very chill, incredible food... i'm just hoping for great weather. *crossing fingers*

5. Still working on making it to Switzerland. A little nervous about Qatar. Somewhat confused about Dubai. Thinking, "what happened to Cebu?". Preparing for Baguio. Appreciating Manila. Looking forward to Boracay (at a time when NOBODY will be there). Still dreaming about the States. *sigh*

[looking forward to the time i can write a paragraph such as the one above- except mentioning countries from all over the world. hmm... Universe, you hear me?]

6. I'm really getting into the groove of the whole gym thing again. That's a good thing. Now, if only i could find time to squeeze in some Yoga.
I also discovered that i work out a lot better listening to slow jams, soul, & R&B as opposed to the regular, upbeat Electro version of everything, blasting at 139 BPM.
Strange, i agree.

7. I have some serious downloading to do. *snicker* except, it's so not something i do. So... who's willing to share music? =p

On the music tip: i need to grab all the new hits. I need to come up with a showcase set with Jena. I need to practice showcase set with Jena. I need to find equipment to practice showcase set with Jena (haha). I need to meet up with Jena. LOL!

Eh, it'll all work out in its own time. It always does. =)

8. I need to buy pepper spray. I left mine in a taxi.

9. I have to go see a movie- it's been ages since i've gone out to see one. I miss movie nights with Ian. =( I also need to pick up some DVDs.

10. I have to organize photos. They are piling in... and i don't know what to do with them. I've been going nuts with the camera and i love having all the memorabilia... except, my computer can't handle it. My hard drive is so complex, i'm too lazy to deal with it. hmm... i guess i have something to do tomorrow... nyerk. =/

I'm off to bed. Good night world.