Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's Gotta Be Immunities

When a baby is born, no matter how fragile he/she seems, their bodies were designed with incredible precision. There is absolutely no greater miracle than that of making another human being.

We are given a responsibility and we try to fulfill every need to the best of our abilities. But there's only so much we can do.
Mothers are finicky about strangers touching their babies or relatives having to wash up first before insisting on being anywhere near the child. Alcohol is a must- the rubbing kind, of course. If you have a cold or a cough, don't even think of coming anywhere near the vicinity.

The germs rule applies to everybody. Everybody, that is, except the mother. To an extent, anyway- i mean, we can't go clean the bathroom and then play with the baby's gums straight after.
But when the mother has a cough or a cold or a fever, generally the baby has developed immunities that allow them to kick it without getting infected. Personally, i think that's a brilliant design.

I can't say the same thing the other way around though.

If that little baby has a cold... expect to get sick soon after.

My stubborn self with my made-up rules and personal beliefs still think that there is no way my own child would do me any harm. If they have immunities, well, i sure as hell do too. Scrap what the doctors and medical books say... like, what do they know, right? (haha. that was a joke, by the way.)

Dylan's been sick for the past 2 days. I still think he's adorable so i will lean in for the smothering amount of kisses and insist i sleep next to him, and i honestly don't mind when he breathes on my face. I will share my water with him if he asks, and use his spoon to eat my food.

That virus had a laugh because it laid a fat ass fever on me early this morning. Just for kicks, it threw in the sniffles and a dirty cough too.
Yes, i'm SICK. ILL. Unwell. Ailing. Feeling under the weather.

ONE DAY before my birthday.

Lesson learned: i don't have immunity. =(

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