Friday, July 3, 2009

Queen For The Day

Today is the only day out of the entire year i can do whatever i want and virtually get away with it. I can make demands. Boss people around. I tolerate no complaints. My requests have to be met. Nobody can pester or bother me. Best of all, i can whine and sulk if i don't get what i want.
364 days out of the entire year i don't ever get to do any of that.
Today, i am the Queen for the Day.
It's my 26th birthday.

My mom has prepared dinner- food of my choice, of course. It's family tradition. We always have dinner with the whole family on someone's birthday.

Dylan has to sing "Happy Birthday" for me whenever i ask him to. I don't wanna torture the kid, but so far, he's already had to sing it for me 3x.

Ian gave me the "you can reach me whenever you like today" card. I'm not gonna use it, lest i disrupt his study routine, but i guess it's the thought that counts.

I have invited all my friends to my place of work tonight for a get together where everyone will be there for the sole purpose of celebrating my day of birth (that, and there's free booze). I'm not huge on birthday parties, but there's something about seeing folks that give a crap about you gather together to celebrate YOU that makes me feel a bit warm and fuzzy inside.

Contrary to the years that have passed, i will NOT be celebrating the full week.
1) i'm over it.
2) i can't handle it
3) i'm sick
4) it makes no sense anymore- and when that's happened... it's done.

Looking forward to tonight!

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