Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hi. My name is Thea... and i'm an addict.

I drink way too much coffee.... i forget to drink water. The climate up here doesn't help either because this drink serves as comfort in a cup.

I read too many blogs. Next thing i know, 4 hours has passed and i'm still sitting in front of my computer and my day has gone to waste. Not that i would call it a waste per se, because of the knowledge i've gained and the entertainment it's served. It's better than watching TV, i tell you. Well, for me, anyway.

I take too many pictures. I am running out of space on my computer and i need to invest in a bigger hard drive. It's because of my attempt to document everything in my life and the determination to capture a "money shot".

I steal too many photos off the internet. Again, i'm running out of space for this "hobby" of mine. If i can't capture it myself, i appreciate seeing the work of someone else who can. I will make a wall out of these pictures one day. Mark my words.

I give in to consumer hell too easy. I buy anything i come across that i like (within my price range, of course). Even though i have enough, i can't help myself when i come across something too pretty to be left on a shelf. This needs to stop.

I have too many different colors on my head. This whole fascination with coloring my hair will lead to my mane's demise. I have vowed to control this and come time when my roots are disgustingly overgrown, i will tone it down to one color and stick with it.

I have a tendency to try on clothes and if i don't like it, i'll leave em unfolded somewhere until it creates somewhat of a hill in a corner in my closet. No bueno. Must enforce discipline. I am going to try my very best to say goodbye to "organized clutter". (My dad's pet peeve- he says it's only an excuse of mine to stay messy. haha)

These quirks are what makes me ME. But when it gets to the point of being severely unhealthy, an intervention needs to be made and i need to put myself on a restriction. Each day that passes up here is a step to reinvention. This whole move is about change and if i'm going for a certain direction in my life, it might as well be the "right" one.

I encourage positive change. Let go of a bad habit today.
(not to say that i'm giving up coffee. I think i'll start with something small... like not buying anything i want and just stick to more of what i need. That should be good enough.)

That is all.

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