Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm running in a different Circle these Days

For a minute, it was about who could drink the most and handle their alcohol. It was about who rolled with the tightest crew, who got VIP at the club, who rocked the dopest kicks, or that fresh limited edition shirt. It was about who had style, who knew music, and who knew who.

We were exposed to this socialite community surrounded by carbon-copy-clubheads. Everyone wanted to be somebody.
Funny thing is- i didn't really care. I was just out there for the fun.

It's always been about having fun.
And we did just that.

These days, i roll in a different circle.
There's no alcohol involved, they don't care about sneakers, t-shirts are for "kids", and getting in for free isn't cool anymore- the more you pay, the cooler you are, apparently.

[some mind sets don't change much after high school, i guess]

In these here parts, the game has been tweaked.
It's about who has the most well behaved toddler, whose kid is doing the best in class, who packs the better lunch, and who makes the happier child. It's about where you live, the car you drive, and your spouse's job.

Welcome to the world of grade school parents. Everyone's trying to keep their sanity whilst doing the best they can with the babies.
I've got news for you kids- i'm not in the game, and there's no competition.
I'm just out here for fun.

It's still all about having fun.
That's never gonna change.

Yay for weekends!!!
(That NEVER changes, either)

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