Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Involuntary Volunteer

As a Kindergarten Parent we were given the option to participate in 2 out of 3 activities.
1) Field Trip Chaperon
2) Library Reader
3) Chapel Speaker

16 out 16 parents volunteered for Field Trip Chaperon (naturally).
15 out of 16 parents volunteered for Library Reader.
1 out of 16 parents volunteered for Chapel Speaker.

How the hell did i manage to volunteer myself into Chapel Speaking?
(those who know me well will widen their eyes and begin to laugh at me right about now)
I'm sitting here thinking about it and all i can really do is laugh. Laugh and wonder.

I blame it on lack of sleep and slight insanity. I blame it on rash deciding. I blame it on being too nice (ie.- Nobody is signing up for Chapel Speaking? Oh... well, i'll do it!)
You know what, i really have no idea how i ended up signing my name on the "Chapel Speaker" category. I only realized my mistake when Dylan's homeroom teacher excitedly announced that i was the only volunteer for that particular assignment.
Oh Joy.
How excited the Chaplain will be to see who has decided to join him on Monday mornings- he was the same guy who conducted our services when i was attending school there- 11 years ago.

On the bright side, all i really have to do is relay a personal experience to the value or morals being discussed that day. I guess, in a way, that beats reading a story with exuberant gusto to younglings that could possibly think i'm strange and lead Dylan to great embarrassment.

[I could just be saying that to make myself feel better. ]

Just a Thought:

How i went from writing about wild parties, hangovers, and crazy weekends to kindergarten assignments is beyond me...

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