Thursday, August 13, 2009

Know This

Being back in my old school everyday, at the time that i used to come in, seeing all the students gather where we once used to sit, and experience everything commence as it once had- i've been hit with nostalgia to the fullest effect.

All the memories have flooded back in. When i used to visit i'd remember all the things i missed about being there. Now that i'm back and i see my son as a student, some things have changed. I remember what it's like to be a student. The rules i had to follow, the homework that had to be done, the fun i had during breaks, and of course, the horrible things kids have to endure whilst earning their education.

School is harsh. Kids are cruel. It's not just about learning your math, english and social studies. It's learning how to survive- how to deal with other kids.

I look back now and the problems i faced, which seemed like the end of the world at the time, seem so trivial. But how crucial it was to deal with them at the time... i could laugh for days just thinking about it. What i would give to deal with those kinds of problems today... as opposed to what real life could really throw at you.

I watch Dylan and fear for him. Haha. I hope he deals with them the right way. I hope he can take the blows. I know i can't baby him through all of this. I know i have to let him go and experience all of it on his own. No good can come from sheltering our little ones too much. They'll only get hit harder later on.

If there's one thing i'd want kids to know it would be this: Keep it real and be true to yourself. Because what you are in grade school or high school does not determine what you will be out there in the real world. And if people don't like you for who you really are, then they're probably not worth the effort anyway.

... and for heaven's sake- don't rush it. Enjoy being a kid. You're only a kid for a few years, you get to be an adult the rest of your life. We spend the majority of our childhood yearning to grow up and spend our adulthood yearning to be kids again. It's ridiculous.

My dad told me this when i was a kid. I didn't listen and i wish i had. haha
It's the vicious cycle.
You warn your kids not to jump in the hole only to find them looking around at the bottom later on. That's just how it works. I suppose it works out fine.

Just live.

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