Sunday, August 16, 2009

I don't know what THis Is.

Once again, i am contemplating. I feel like so much has changed and so many things are starting anew. With this new beginning and with this new life unraveling, i feel like a brand new me.

I am no longer a DJ. I wouldn't say i've retired from this occupation, but i have, for now, have put it on hold.

My name happened by chance, by some kind of accident, and i allowed it to stick. Mind you, this DJ name of mine was created 9 years ago- someone who was a lifetime ago. Someone young, naive, and no longer who i am.

Thus, "DJ Teaze" is no more. As it should be (and it is)- "miss-teaze-ism" is so... 6 years ago.
Who am i now? What do i exude? What am i trying to get across?
Well, i don't know really.

So until i have figured this out and something strikes me as appropriate, i will remain "title-less".

I am naturally fickle when it comes to these things. I was far from being DJ "Teaze" when i resumed DJing again back in 2006... but my indecisiveness kept me from settling with a new name. There were also all the "accomplishments" and titles that came with the name that i had already established. However, now, i think it's safe to say that i can finally let it all go.

So what is this and who the hell am i?
There's no need to rush.
I am me.
I don't really need to call it anything.

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