Friday, August 7, 2009

Universe, Hear Me OUt!!!

I created a vision board about 8 months ago. Out of everything i had picked to put up on there, about 7 of them came true... even the far fetched ones (no, not the cars. I wish. That might take a little bit more time).

People say that this Secret in a non-believer's equivalent to a God. That the so-called Universe is God. Anything you desire is within your reach... all you really have to do is believe. It's all about the Law of Attraction. The Power of the Mind. Everybody has it.

It sounds like a load of crap. It also sounds easier than it actually is. Have you ever tried to consciously think of positive outcomes instead of worry about what negative could possibly happen? Surrendering to our frustrations and worries come way easier than keeping our heads up and believing in the best.

On a normal day out on the sidewalk waiting for a cab in Manila rush hour traffic. So far, we're running 5 minutes late for a meeting.
Typically we would think: "Oh man, i'm late. It's rush hour too... dammit. I'm never gonna get a cab. I'm gonna be so late."
When we should be thinking: "I'm gonna get a cab right away. I'll make it on time. No sweat."

Try it. It almost always works on me. When it doesn't... it's usually coz i'd be thinking the negative side on the back of my head.

3 Basic Rules:
Think it. Keep it in your head. Remind yourself about it constantly.
Believe it. I mean, really believe it. Know that it's yours. Know that it's possible. Clear your head of any doubt and seriously believe it.
Be it. Take the necessary actions to get there. Nobody ever got anywhere by sitting on their asses waiting for shit to happen. Live the way you want, without any worries, stress free, and the Universe will take care of everything.

The minute i stopped worrying about money, i was provided with everything i needed. It was never in excess or overwhelming riches... but i was always given enough. I was more comfortable in my own skin, more confident with my life, and i let go of the stress that the financial burden was digging into my wallet- as soon as i let go, things started to happen.

I have a lot of friends that live by this. I know a lot of people who have shared their stories and swear by it. There's something to it, you just have to believe in it and do it right.

There's a sense of freedom that comes with realizing who you really are and knowing what you really want. There's this feeling of serenity with letting go of excess baggage and clearing out the clutter. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders and it's time for new dreams.

Time to create new clutter.
I need to make a new vision board... and maybe i should up my standards a little bit. =p
I needed to write this to remind myself too.

I want a new iMac.
Universe, hear me out!!!

So... what do you want?
The Universe can hear you.

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