Thursday, May 20, 2010

Arbitrary Mind Picks #60

1. I stared at a rare, Tibetan, bronze cast statue worth over $750,000 US and a beautiful, wooden antique chest worth over $500,000 US. It was amazing.
[This was at someone's home]

2. At some point in my life, i would definitely like to start collecting art.

3. I find it incredible that i can relate to the ideals and values to that of 50+ year olds. I must be an old soul, although, i am usually underestimated for being in my (late) 20's.

4. I have been offered to take a purebred Chow Chow for FREE. I have always (ALWAYS!!!) wanted a Chow. (It's my 2nd choice after my Husky). These are the times i wished i lived in an actual house with a yard. I can't believe i'm passing up such an incredible opportunity. *sigh*
I would have named him Marley.

5. I don't care if they're field rats, or if they're furry, or if they're brown rather than black, if their eyes are brown rather than red, or if they look "cute" and "friendly"... in my opinion, personally, i think rodents are just absolutely disgusting.

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