Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Than Meets The Eye

Dylan and i are walking down the street. It's part of our morning ritual to take that morning stroll to catch a cab to school. Luckily, we find one in an instant. We cross the street and make our way to the passenger's side. As i open the door to let him in, a symbol on the side of the car catches his attention and he gasps loudly, "MOM!!!! It's a Transformer!!!".
It's one of those metal attachments people stick on their cars.
I'm amused with his comment, i smile and laugh as i urge him to hop in the cab.
The grown-up in me mutters, "Yes, sweetie. Get in the car."
Appalled, my 6 year old retorts, "No Mom!!! It's a Decepticon!!!"
I laugh even more and once again tell him to get in the car. He quietly obliges, eying the symbol with caution.
As the car takes us to school, he looks around and carefully observes the interior. I'm assuming he's looking for signs that the car might speak to him or transform into a robot any second now. As the ride goes on, he seems to let it go and his thoughts wander elsewhere.
We reach the school parking lot and as he hops off, he looks back at the cab and stares at it suspiciously.
"Is he gonna transform?" He asks me.

Oh, the wonder of being a child.
I'm telling you... it's the simple things.

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