Friday, June 25, 2010

Arbitrary Mind Picks #68

1. There's a ton of garbage on the internet. A TON. It's unbelievable.
It's these kinds of things that make me feel like i'm becoming more stupid.

2. My favorite thing about condo-living: The generator.

3. My browser won't let me go on Myspace. My page always ends up on Google, for some reason. Strange. It's almost like they're telling me NOT to go there. haha

4. My favorite time to spend with Dylan: pre-bedtime. Lying in the dark, talking and laughing. It feels like everything in the world is right.
That kid was made for me. Well, obviously.

5. When you're feeling down and blue, just think to yourself, "There are worse lives".
Someone told me that once. If you think about it, it works.

6. I could really go for some serious Japanese food right now. A Thai salad too. Maybe a Greek kebab. Some Indian curry.
aw, boo.

7. I don't get the new age Mario- Mario Galaxy. It makes me sad.

8. I'm desperate for a hair cut and i have just been informed that everything on my wish list is expensive. Well, duh. If i could afford it myself i wouldn't have to ask for it, now would i?

9. Note to self: I need to buy those speakers at the mall that looks like a Lego brick before they run out.

10. Playdough is an awesome child plaything until the clay dries up and just turns into a mess and all the colors mix together and start to look like poop and it's stuck on your carpet and your kid begs you not to throw it away. *sigh*

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