Saturday, July 24, 2010

Arbitrary Mind Picks #71

1. I got home at 1:30am after a night out last night.
The shocker: i thought it was 4am. Did i really just tap out before 2am?

2. I thoroughly enjoy car rides on the way home during the wee hours of the morning, windows down, cold air in my face, thinking about god-knows-what. LOVE.

3. I am all for staying in pj's all day.

4. My word of the day: FUBAR!

fubar |ˈfoōˌbär|
out of working order; seriously, perhaps irreparably, damaged : the clock in the hall is fubar.
ORIGIN 1940s: acronym from fucked up beyond all recognition (or repair).

Awesome word. I'll be using that a lot.

5. I am not a leftovers kind of person. And now that i cook all my meals, nothing irks me more than less than a handful of leftovers. Like, what do i do with that? It's too little for another meal... but it's too much to just throw away.
And do i really wanna eat the same thing again sometime soon (well, before it spoils, anyway)? Not really. There are only a few things i'd be willing to eat over and over again. Two things, actually- my mom's lasagna, and a good steak (with veggies and mashed potatoes). That's it. If i do eat the same thing within tight proximity of each other, there's a reason- i'm lazy and hungry, or there's absolutely nothing else to eat and i can't make up my mind.
I am not a fan of leftovers.

6. School year starts the Thursday after this coming Thursday.
Where the flying f**k did the vacation go?!?

7. I bought a huge tin can of cookies for Dylan... i have eaten more of it than Dylan has.
No bueno.
I knew that was gonna happen.

8. It's time to start getting this body clock of ours back into "normal people" mode.
I have to... but seriously, i function best in the hours between midnight and 6am. That would be normal-people-mode... for people on the other side of the planet.

9. Does anybody else clean up around the house before the cleaning lady comes in to... well, clean your house?
I know i'm not the only person in the world who does that.
In my defense, i do it because: (a) i like organizing my things so i know where they are and i don't have to ask other people for it, and (b) i don't want her to think i'm a total slob.
That's rational, right?

10. I have survived 10 months without a microwave.
Does that make me primitive?

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