Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Arbitrary Mind Picks #76

1. I will avert a free ride if it means dodging an awkward conversation (or worse, awkward silence). It has dawned on me that i have lost the knack to strike up natural interest in whomever, wherever. I used to be excellent at it. That's just not the case anymore.

2. I will look for the slightest excuse to stay home and avoid going to school. This is a natural urge and i battle with it for at least 5 minutes everyday before getting out of bed.
This is coming from the child who never needed prodding to make it to class on time and was always up and about before her mom knocked on her door for her wake-up call.
How times have changed.

3. I am sold on the iPhone and swayed far, far away from the Blackberry bandwagon.
BECAUSE- i play more games than i actually make phone calls or text so it just seems more appropriate. Plus, i'm addicted to Angry Birds and it'll take some serious persuasion on your part to pry me away from it.
Note: Bribing me with food usually works best.

4. I tidied up for 2 days straight before the weekend began... so why does it look like my apartment hasn't been cleaned in over a month? *sigh*

5. I forget how much buried treasure i have sitting in my iTunes until i decide to clean it up for the hell of it. I have thousands and thousands of music to go through... this should be fun.

6. The Philippines has a lot of holidays.

7. Finally got a microwave in my kitchen (2 weeks ago)... i still haven't gotten accustomed to using it again. I think i've used it twice.
My brother, on the other hand, is over the moon.
Well, i can finally buy microwaveable popcorn again. That's always a good thing.

8. My gut feeling is saying that the universe has already picked the setting for the next phase of my life- the beach.
What do i do with all my layered clothing?

9. Prosciutto for breakfast. An awesome way to start a day.

10. I still find it unbelievable, the douche bags i dated in the past.
And i honestly thought i was mentally stable. What a joke.

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