Sunday, August 8, 2010

Love is wanting to kick anyone's ass and feeling pure hatred when they hurt your little one.
Love is giving away the last piece of salmon sashimi even though you were dying to have it yourself.
Love is getting up 18 times in the middle of a movie to cater to someone else's needs.
Love is walking 2 miles uphill carrying a 35lb child because he says he's feeling sick and he can no longer walk.
Love is waking up at 6am to make sure everything is ready for school.
Love is staying in on a Friday night, reading him a book, and tucking him in instead of acting like a regular 27 year old and going out with friends.
Love is spending your last 100 pesos on something he found at the toy store instead of spending it on Starbucks.
Love is going home early, even if you wanted to stay, because he's tired.
Love is asking for a hug or a kiss every 2 minutes, not because you want it, but because you wanna see if he'll still do it.
Love is going for that hug and kiss every 2 minutes, not because you want to, but because she asked.

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