Thursday, October 28, 2010

Arbirtrary Mind Picks #81

1. I know i haven't written in a very long time. My mind is all over the place, to be honest with you.

2. Random Factoid of the day:
My service driver (taxi driver) is also a Barangay Official. I congratulated him on winning a place at the recent elections. Who woulda thunk?

3. Heading down to the shitty city this weekend for Halloween. Looking forward to the company, the food, and of course... all the booze excitement!

4. Dylan is... just too much to explain in a sentence right now. I love that kid like i never even thought possible. I am so grateful for the relationship i have with my son. Even though i wanna tie him up sometimes, that kid is just amazing.

5. I still have a few lessons to learn about friendship. Observing people you think you know is a great pastime. Try it.

I leave you now with a photo of Session Road. Taken at the break of dawn under the influence of some serious alcohol. My city, in a familiar light, if you will.

1 comment:

abbi gabasa said...

It was very nice to see you last Friday! I appreciate the very short conversation we had, it was very helpful. It's a huge challenge to be so far from him... but as much as it's cheesy i say love can and shall conquer all! lol. Hope to see you girls soon. Catching up is in order. Sending love to you and dylan!