Sunday, January 9, 2011

Arbitrary Mind Picks #83

1. 6am mornings, once again, bright and... wait, no- dark and early tomorrow. *sigh*

2. I don't own a weighing scale... but training starts tomorrow and i best be on the tip of my will power if i'm gonna lose 10-15 pounds in 4 weeks! Sound impossible? Well, i can't doubt that now. My secret? Awesome training shoes encourage me to... well, train. haha

3. After living here for over a year and a half now, i'm happy that i still find little things everyday that makes me appreciate and love the fact that i live here. There really is no place like home. Viva la Baguio, folks.

4. Healthy eating doesn't necessarily mean crappy eating.
(This is what i say to make myself feel better...)

5. I used to not have a shoe fetish. And then i developed one. Then i got over it. After a while it reappeared. Soon after it went away again. Now the fetish is back.
I have a feeling this will be a never-ending cycle. Much like how my room stays clean and then it isn't anymore and i don't even know how it happened.

6. I need to clean my room. Oh, what the hell... i need to clean the whole apartment.

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