Sunday, January 16, 2011

Arbitrary Mind Picks #85

1. I completely forgot that my face turns bright red when i sweat like a horse. The last time i saw myself like this was about a decade ago- for high school varsity basketball practice.

2. Dylan lost his second tooth the other day. I prepared the video camera this time... and to my great disappointment, his reaction was nowhere near his first experience with the tooth fairy. *sniff sniff*

3. I'm so NOT a Gemini. (WTF)

4. So... my no-drinking-beer diet went to $#!+ this weekend.
But man, was it worth it...

5. Training Day 6 tomorrow. I'm scared and excited at the same time. Seeing the results though- awesome! Good to know that hard work pays off.

6. I don't understand women who insist on chatting while getting a massage. I just don't get it.

7. Running into good, old friends- awesome!
Making new friends via old friends- awesome!
Bringing people together even after death is impressive.
Completely made me think. 33

8. They say a hierarchy in a group of friends is childish. I think it's fair to say that sometimes it makes sense.

9. I have found my 100% success rate, full proof, sure shot, food recommendation in Baguio. I knew it from the second that dish made my palette dance.
Ladies and gents- Beef Salpicao at Dugout on Leonard Wood.

10. I could totally go for a steak right now.

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