Friday, January 7, 2011


  • DYLAN lost his first tooth and collected 20Php from the tooth fairy. She's not cheap… that's just all he asked for.
  • Pretty and refreshing drinks + girl time + shopping
  • Our "Family" Christmas photo
  • Vans
  • I got back into the DJ Booth and loved every beat of it.
  • THE Female DJ Duo back together again. (Photo by Barry Ancheta Ambrosio)
  • My cutie pie of a goddaughter turned 1. Check out the sick quilt- made of her outgrown baby clothes… custom made and sewed with love by the ever so creative Tita Reena.
  • Rainbow Cupcakes were a hit at the party!
  • Girls to love.
  • View from my bedroom window. I love that i live here.
  • We make our own pasta.
  • It's that Christmas feeling.
  • My dad is Einstein via Skype.
  • My flatmates/siblings and i ringing in the New Year
  • The first sunrise of 2011

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