Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am the closet full of secrets i choose to keep.
I am the things i do when i think nobody is watching.
I am the things i think about but never dare say out loud.
I am the music i listen to or that one song that's constantly on repeat.
I am my favorite sweater and that scarf i bought the other day.
I am my favorite color and my most treasured pair of shoes.
I am the friends i've kept in the loop as well the ones i've decided to let go.
I am the people i admire and the ones i dislike.
I am that one person who i choose to love.
I am part of the soul i see in my son's eyes.
I am that mug of coffee i have first thing in the morning each and every day.
I am what i put in my grocery cart.
I am the scent i choose to use.
I am what i do every day.
I am what i dream about doing everyday.
I am who i am even when i'm drunk.

I am the best version of myself that i could possibly be... and i know this because i'm striving to be happy.

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