Thursday, September 29, 2011

Arbitrary Mind Picks #93

1. Times are a-changin'.

2. I gave high heels a chance. However, no matter how great they make legs look and how cute they go with almost any outfit... it is just the kind of voluntary pain and torture i do not wish to subject myself to.
Honestly, how do some girls keep those on all day and all night??
I understand how beat-up looking feet happen. Completely.

3. I have been at home for 5 days straight nursing a sickly 7 year old.
I'm not used to him being so quiet.
I'm sick of my own cooking.
My apartment smells like a hospital.
There was a typhoon that happened?? In our city?? I didn't even notice.
TV Series on tap has never been more convenient.
I need a drink.

4. A single compliment across the DJ booth totally makes up for the 10 irritating requests to play a song (a) i don't like, (b) that is completely out of my BPM zone, (c) that i've already played- twice. (d) ALL OF THE ABOVE *straight face*
I'm looking at you... Dougie.

5. My internet hiatus served a good purpose.
Kudos to blessings in disguise.

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