Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Arbitrary Mind Picks #95

1. Spent our Tuesday hanging out at the hospital.
The way things work in our country... baffles me.
Registrar: "Do you have an appointment?"
Me: "No. Just a walk-in."
Registrar: "Ok, we'll put you down for an appointment at 3:30pm."
Me: "Ok, great."
Registrar: "First come, first serve po ito..."
... uh, wha?

2. I will never get used to cooking for 2.
It's a double whammy because i don't like eating leftovers.

3. Dylan owns a skateboard. (Finally). I think he likes the thought of owning one... not so much the using of one. *sigh*

4. I love Burger King's Crosscut Fries. McDonald's Twister Fries. Jollibee's French Fries.
I just like fries.

5. I love how kids can play for 12 hours non-stop... and complain about homework that requires 15 minutes of their time.

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