Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Arbitrary Mind Picks #99

The "Why"s of my life:

1. When creativity hits at the most inconvenient time.
3am and your wake up call is at 7am.

2. When i go out of my way to buy something at the store only to get home and find out that i had prepared for that situation and had extra all along.

3. When you head out to accomplish a certain goal... get sidetracked somewhere along the way... and get home only to realize that you forgot to do that thing you set out to do.

4. Trying to recall the lyrics, artist, or song title of that annoying song stuck in your head.

5. Hit with the epiphany that you have the perfect accessory to go with that outfit... and 5 hours later realize that you have no idea where that accessory is.

6. Ultimate craving. Looking in the refrigerator or pantry and discover that you're lacking ONE ingredient. Just one.
No, it will not be the same without it. It's a definite no go. It's also 2:37am.

7. Five cabs honking when you don't need one, and not one in sight when you're already 5 minutes late.

8. Your 7 year old asks you a random question and you have absolutely no idea what the answer is.

9. The panic when i near my destination and upon looking in my wallet, i see that i don't have small change for the cab.

10. Waking up feeling like 100 bucks and running into an old friend who says, "Hey, you look tired... You ok?"
Honestly, that phrase should be banned.

11. Emptying your trash and seeing "Emptying Trash: 249 items" when your conscious mind remembers only deleting 6 images... and then it hits you that you dragged an entire folder in there with it.

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