Sunday, September 30, 2012

Me Tienes.

Goodbye Outlook Drive.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Freshness this Weekend.

Friday at Rocket Room

Saturday at White Space

See ya!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Everything is better with bacon.

I would like to start off by saying that i am not turning into one of those people that constantly take photos of their food and post about it all day. No. Definitely not. But i do, however, love my food and will revel in triumphant glory on experiments that conclude with a happy ending. Yes, i dance around and clap my hands and sing a happy tune when i make something from scratch and it turns out better than i expected. Key word- MAKE.

With that said- i present to you my very own homemade spinach-broccoli-mushroom-bacon and cheese, egg white quiche.


The photo doesn't even do it justice.

I have always been a quiche lover. If i see it on a menu, most likely it'll be part of my order. But it's actually quite hard to find a good quiche around here. Definitely not the ones that i really like. I got sick of the hunt and decided that i would take it upon myself to build the perfect quiche... with EVERYTHING that i like in it.

And that's exactly what i did.

Hunt- over.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Make it your MONDAY NIGHT habit

It's a throwback, feel-good kinda night.
Just like how it used to be.

Margaritas?!?!??! I'm there.

Arbitrary Mind Picks #102

1. Is there a worse feeling than having a turtle-sized cockroach crawl on your face?
I didn't think so.
Yes, that really did happen. At the club.

2. I'm having a serious hair dilemma. I don't know if it's mid-life crisis, mercury in retrograde (or is it pluto?), PMS, or just plain, simple fickleness... i can't seem to be satisfied with my locks.
I have had 6 different colors since June. And the only reason it was able to span 3 months was because it's deemed "bad" to color it "too often".
I need help.

3. Have i mentioned that Dylan is the proud owner of a hermit crab?
It's been living with us since my mom's birthday (July 20). It's still alive.
Shocking, i know.

4. PMS is a sure-shot way to kill your effin diet.

5. Nothing drives me more insane than misplacing something i need/of importance.
In this case, it's my medical prescription.
No pun intended.

Yes, this is my life.

Today, i think of you.

A decade has passed. I'm a different person now. I feel the years on my shoulder and the wisdom crowding in my head. It's amazing what time does to a person and how "growing up" affects the heart. When you stop to think about every single thing that life has hit you with and realize that you were able to come out of it unscathed and beaming... pat yourself on the back. You were stronger than you thought.

Remember that the next time you feel like crying on the floor because your worries have rendered you helpless.

Today, my life is not plight-free. But i am alive and well, and i'm living and surviving. I get to laugh and cry and experience every emotion available to every human being on the planet. I am blessed, although i tend to forget that every now and then.

Anything is better than ceasing to exist.
So soak it up. Live well.
Choose life.
You owe yourself all of that.