Monday, September 3, 2012

Arbitrary Mind Picks #102

1. Is there a worse feeling than having a turtle-sized cockroach crawl on your face?
I didn't think so.
Yes, that really did happen. At the club.

2. I'm having a serious hair dilemma. I don't know if it's mid-life crisis, mercury in retrograde (or is it pluto?), PMS, or just plain, simple fickleness... i can't seem to be satisfied with my locks.
I have had 6 different colors since June. And the only reason it was able to span 3 months was because it's deemed "bad" to color it "too often".
I need help.

3. Have i mentioned that Dylan is the proud owner of a hermit crab?
It's been living with us since my mom's birthday (July 20). It's still alive.
Shocking, i know.

4. PMS is a sure-shot way to kill your effin diet.

5. Nothing drives me more insane than misplacing something i need/of importance.
In this case, it's my medical prescription.
No pun intended.

Yes, this is my life.

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