Sunday, September 9, 2012

Everything is better with bacon.

I would like to start off by saying that i am not turning into one of those people that constantly take photos of their food and post about it all day. No. Definitely not. But i do, however, love my food and will revel in triumphant glory on experiments that conclude with a happy ending. Yes, i dance around and clap my hands and sing a happy tune when i make something from scratch and it turns out better than i expected. Key word- MAKE.

With that said- i present to you my very own homemade spinach-broccoli-mushroom-bacon and cheese, egg white quiche.


The photo doesn't even do it justice.

I have always been a quiche lover. If i see it on a menu, most likely it'll be part of my order. But it's actually quite hard to find a good quiche around here. Definitely not the ones that i really like. I got sick of the hunt and decided that i would take it upon myself to build the perfect quiche... with EVERYTHING that i like in it.

And that's exactly what i did.

Hunt- over.

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