Monday, May 17, 2010

Arbitrary Mind Picks #59

1. First roll of film on my lomo camera- DONE!
I'm excited for the debut of my rookie lomo photo session.

2. It's 6:40pm and there's still light out. Interesting.

3. I know we've never made a personal connection or you really don't remember my name when you address me on Facebook as "Althea". Yeah, no...
I think it's time to edit that friends list.

4. Based on yesterday's episode, and other similar circumstances, i've come to this conclusion: A disadvantage of being "young" is that people just don't take you seriously. Mother effin bullocks.

5. I need to buy a new pair of orange flip flops. I just do.

6. I took my workout gloves out of my drawer to pack in my gym bag. I got distracted for a split second and my attention was diverted to something else. As i got back to packing my bag, i looked around for my gloves... and i couldn't find it! I've been looking for them for 3 days now... i've looked everywhere for them! I don't know what's going on with me... but this is just really bizaaro.
(I even went to the extent of "asking for them back" incase... you know... spiritual, mythology crap, elves and shit decided to "borrow" them. Filipino folklore. Yeah.)
I am still gloveless.

Maybe the cleaning lady will find it on Thursday.

7. Why does it feel like bills keep popping up more often than i think they should?

8. There's something about May 17 that's bugging me... something about this date i'm supposed to remember but i don't. Err... i wonder what it is.

9. I can already see it, even this early on. Dylan has a thing for hats and shoes. I'm in so much trouble.

10. There's a line up of birthday parties this coming weekend... i'm mortified. lol
(Funny how "birthday parties" are synonymous to "wasted off your ass")

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