Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cheesecake and Justice

Dylan and i walked to John Hay today to pick up a package at The Manor Hotel. Since i was already there, i decided to pass by the bakery to pick up a slice or 2 of whatever dessert they had that managed to tickle my fancy. I walked in, eyed the goods real quick, and ordered a slice of their Mud Pie and a slice of the Blueberry Cheesecake. The lady takes my order and walks over to the counter to make the preparations. As she's opening the door to the refrigerator, a man walks up to her and says, "Kunin ko na itong Cheesecake..." (I'll take this whole cheesecake right here). The lady looks at me and says, "Ma'am... hindi na po pwede yung cheesecake..." (Ma'am, the cheesecake isn't available anymore).

Now, you have to understand that when i browse a menu or think of something that i want to eat... as soon as my mind is made up- my heart is completely set on it. I abhor the random Sorry-not-available's or Sorry-out-of-stock's that i hear every so often at restaurants. To put it bluntly- it pisses me off.

So, here's this cheesecake sitting in front of me, practically yelling for me, singing tunes of happiness, and it has my name written all over it. Plain as day staring at me in the face. It's THERE.

All of a sudden i can't have it?
That's odd. 4 seconds ago it was virtually mine.

She takes the whole cheesecake and sets it in a box for the man that just pretty much cut the line. The man avoids eye contact with me. I think he knows he just ruined my day. Or i don't know... had a realization that what he did was just plain rude but he wanted that cheesecake anyway.

I think i made a face. A mix of awe and confusion. Maybe a hint of anger. I looked around and thought about the situation. Did that really just happen? Is there something i can say to bring my case to justice? Was i in the wrong? Did the right thing just happen? Was that ok? Am i overreacting? Is it because cheesecake is involved?

I shook my head and walked out. I called Dylan, who was staring out the window, to follow me out. I decided i'd walk over to Starbucks and reward myself with overpriced coffee topped with whipped cream since i stopped myself from causing a scene.

It was a moment of defeat. I'll admit that. I wanted to win but decided it wasn't worth it. Maybe it makes more sense that she caved for the man who wanted the whole cake instead of a measly slice. I don't know... but i felt duped.

Anyway, i let it go.
It was just weird, that's all.

On a lighter note, i saved 400 Pesos and avoided the calories.
So there.

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