Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have approximately 5 hours left to pack and clean up around the house. Why i'm writing about it instead of actually doing it is part of my procrastination process. I'd be surprised at myself if i actually got home and immediately got to work- some people would call that responsibility, i call it dedication.

I finished Day 14 of Training today and i couldn't be happier. I feel my diet... umm... becoming a thing of the past but i'm hoping my will power and determination will kick in after my fitting on Monday.

I'm expecting the next week to be completely bananas. I can't believe my best friend is getting married!

So this is my farewell for now. I will be back on here as soon as i recover from Manila Madness. So i'm guessing that'll be somewhere around mid-Feb.

Looking forward to the delirium and the adventures that await me.
Baguio, you will be missed. I will return to you in 1.5 weeks.
With that, i bid thee adieu.

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