Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Arbitrary Mind Picks #87

1. "Ay... sira ang break pads ko..." (Oh no... My break pads are shot)
-not exactly what i'd like to hear my cab driver say when we're rolling down the mountain on a winding street.

2. Weddings have a crazy effect on me. Like, i mean, cuckoo crazy.
I just figured it out.

3. Maintenance is just as hard as the journey to losing those unwanted pounds. Sadly.
All that pain worth fitting into your clothes? -Yes. Sadly.

4. "I'm staring at my 27 year old self" is a phrase i've been saying a lot lately. You know what? I think this is actually a really dope age.

5. I have a serious unpacking problem. Shit, i think i just have a problem with anything that involves organizing clothing. Who am i kidding?

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