Monday, May 30, 2011

Arbitrary Mind Picks #91

1. The internet is a disastrous distraction from getting $#!+ done.

2. PMS- 1 | Me- 0

3. I thought i missed High School. After seeing 300 high school kids make morons out of themselves last night- i don't miss it too much. I am now quite content with turning 28 in 5 weeks.

4. High School Graduates + Open Bar = A Club That Reeks of Vomit. *gag*
(I obviously did a high school gig last night. Duhr)

5. My creative juices flow past midnight. Always have. Probably always will.
(Probably why coffee is my best friend.)

6. Totally amped for the Vans x Hellz Bellz launch... but brainstorming for this mixtape will be the end of me.
(PMS picked the wrong week to show up)

7. The cure for hormonal outrage is feel-good music.
(i.e.- Acid Raindrops- P.U.T.S.)

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