Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Arbitrary Mind Picks #92

1. Jumped back on the fitness bandwagon... and it hurts. Who woulda thunk that 3 months could do so much damage? Here we go again...

2. I just realized today (because it happened 3x) that i always expect the elevator to be empty. Therefore, when it opens and there's somebody standing in there- lo and behold, it startles me.

3. I have no internet at home. Is it obvious?

4. My 2 month long anti-spending spree will finally come to an end. The apartment down payment and security deposit situation was definitely a mountain i trudged up and CONQUERED!
*pat on the back*

5. I turned 28 last week.
It was quite uneventful.
The weird part is that i didn't really mind.

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