Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You Wanna Talk About Love?

  • coffee first thing in the morning (or afternoon. Depends what happened the night before)
  • how my sister and i send weird text messages to each other and we both find it equally amusing. (Well, sometimes, i more than she)
  • how my parents can act like i'm still their little girl even though i'm a parent myself, and i'm nearly 30... and at the same time treat me like the adult that i am.
  • reaching the bathroom when i've been holding my pee for over 30 minutes... and there's no line!
  • the way my son looks at the world. It inspires me.
  • that first bite after weeks of trying to satisfy a craving and finally it's in front of you!
  • reading something that truly moves me.
  • watching someone i love having fun.
  • genuine, good hearts. The ones that truly give a damn.
  • finding something in the store but they don't have my size and when they check the back they have one last piece... in my size.
  • giving my son the last piece of salmon sashimi... even though i wanted it.
  • allowing my son to sit next to the window... even though i wanted to sit there because i always sit next to the window.
  • trudging down my stairs at 4am because my son is thirsty... even though i wanted to ignore him and just keep sleeping.
  • oh, what the hell- motherhood.
  • when they're constantly on your mind... what do you think that is?
  • Sundays. Yes, for me, it's Sundays.
  • sundaes. (See what i did there?)
  • free cupcakes!!!
  • the ability to make you smile... even after all these years.
  • head on pillow after a long, exhausting day/night.
  • mixtapes. Oh yes, you have no idea.
and that was just this week.
and that wasn't even all of it.
now, you try.

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