Thursday, March 22, 2012

Arbitrary Mind Picks #100

1. You can only consider yourself lucky for so long. After that, you gotta go out there and work for it. You're not getting any younger and waiting doesn't work. Put yourself out there, get your shit together and go get it. You have nothing to lose.

2. "All you needed to do was ask."
Remember that. It never hurts to try.

3. "This music is garbage..."
-me, Age 28

"This music is garbage!"
-all parents, when i was listening to my music as a teenager (in the 90's)

It's a vicious, vicious cycle.
And we all believe that, "Well, in our time, music WAS ACTUALLY good".
I wonder what Dylan will be listening to in 10 years. *shudder*

4. It's amazing, the amount of work that can be done on a phone these days.

5. Who pigs out before a photo shoot? Well, i do. lol
Will all that food really make a difference to pictures i'll be taking an hour or two later?

6. I wish people (read as: clubgoers and dear patrons) would understand that when they make a request and we tell them we don't have it, it means- we don't have it. Wasting our time and asking us to "search" for it in our library won't make it magically appear. It just won't.

7. Because as it goes- the more serious your reason for dieting is, the more hungry you will be.

8. The pain you feel on your first week back after a several months-long workout hiatus... is your body saying, "F*ck you."

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