Thursday, May 25, 2017

arbitrary mind picks #107

1. Having a baby once before does not make you a pro. Especially if it's been 13 years since said infant was born. No, Ma'am. You start from scratch.

2. A baby can keep you up all night and make you feel like you want to give up on life altogether... and then they crack one smile and it's enough to make you rethink that thought and realize that it's the best thing that's ever happened to you.
-this is what we call programming, because otherwise, the human species would become extinct.

3. Giving domestication another shot. Perhaps it will suit me better in my 30's? Let's find out.

4. I will only be talking about babies from now on. (See old blog "missteaze-ism" from 2004. This will be the remix)

5. Breastfeeding makes me hungry (like food trip on Marijuana hungry), but thinking about food is the farthest thing from my mind. Just feed me. I don't wanna think about it. Oh, that's my responsibility as mother of our household? Dammit.

6. I just felt an earthquake.

7. My siblings just texted that they felt that earthquake all the way in Baguio too. Whattttttttttttttt. Mother Nature is pissed, guys.

8. I don't know why i insist on writing when i should be catching some sleep instead. This is my desperate attempt to get back into managing this blog.

9. Staying at home and taking care of an infant has taught me so much about myself. Like i've learned that i am addicted to social media. I refused to admit that before. It's totally proven now.

10. Must start reading books again.

11. Must remember to take more pictures.

12. Must start working out soon.

13. Did i mention that i went over 200 pounds this pregnancy? Yeah. My feet hate me.
Breastfeeding- do your magic!!!!!!!!

14. I'm trying to practice the art of minimalism. Let's see how this goes.

15. I love my little family. This little heart of mine is grateful and content.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


St. Luke's Global City
Medical Arts Building Elevator

An elderly woman standing behind us at the back of the elevator looks at Alina and says, "You're in this world now. It's a terrible place".
"Yeah, it's scary...", i chime back.
Alina smiles widely and coos at the woman.
She continues, "You're gonna make this world better. You will do great things when you grow up".
Alina smiles and coos again, as if holding a conversation. This continues until we reach our exit on the 6th floor and bid goodbye. "Have a good day! Bye!", we wave behind us, as we thank the elevator operator and go on with our day.