Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Air Up There

When i was 7 or 8 years old i lived in Laguna. It's a province south of Manila. Our backyard was ginormous, filled with trees of every kind, covered in grass, and what seemed like a paradise to a little girl. In my memory, it was the size of 2 soccer fields. There was a well in the middle of the area, somewhere. My mom had a vegetable garden. There was a nipa hut somewhere at the back. My siblings and myself had claimed our own designated trees- the ones we liked to climb, the ones we claimed as our fort. We had a biking trail that followed the perimeter of the yard- complete with different sized ramps. There were hammocks hanging from coconut trees- 3 of them, one for every child, of course. At one point in time, that backyard was swarming with rabbits. Amazing how starting off with 2 will have you end up with 50. We picked fruits straight from the trees. It was an amazing place to spend your time as a child.

Before our time there was over, my dad had built us a tree house. I know i've mentioned this before. It was the most incredible thing... although it was never fully done, it had served its purpose and was spectacular nonetheless.

Every child deserves a tree house... i honestly believe that.
It is beyond me why we have no photos.

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