Sunday, June 20, 2010

Arbitrary Mind Picks #67

1. Headed to the grocery store to pick up some basics today and was slapped in the face with a huge reminder as to why we don't go on Sundays.

2. It boggles my mind! Why is there a lack of knowledge with regards to basic manners?
  • Having a conversation right smack in the middle of the grocery aisle with your cart in the way.
  • Having a conversation at the foot or at the top of an escalator (???)
  • Standing so close to someone they can feel you breathing on the back of their neck.
  • insisting on making your way into an elevator, train, or cab (???) while there's a person in there still trying to make their way out.
Oh, Philippines. I weep for you.

3. I paint like an 8 year old. I guess practice does make perfect.

4. I have the right to celebrate Father's Day too... =)

5. This whole time, i thought "couscous" was a dip. In actuality, i was thinking "humus". Weird.

6. Dylan's obsessed with the Photo Booth application on my computer. He's racking up those photos. I think i can make some money with this kid. haha!

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