Saturday, June 12, 2010

Back in the day when there was no Youtube, no internet, no downloading, or piracy, and movies were only watched in theaters or on television... it was a great privilege to rent movies on Betamax. I remember walking into a store and our parents would have their picks and we'd have to decide which ones we wanted to take home. I remember The Little Mermaid and The Mighty Ducks above everything else. As we grew older we started watching the same movies my parents would watch. With this, i remember Dancing With Wolves or The Last of The Mohicans (I take it that my parents were into periodic films).

We rented mounds and mounds of cartoons. I saw every Disney film that came out. Watched all the Warner Bros. and Looney Tunes, Mickey Mouse, Duck Tales, Fern Gully, what have you. If it was a cartoon popular in the 80's and 90's, chances are, i've seen it.

Now, at one point, i remember asking them, "What are you watching? Is it funny? Can i watch it?"
And the answer would either be a yes or a no, or the smart answer which was, "Well, it's pretty serious". Which turned me away in an instant.

I would join them with comedic films and romantic comedies. I avoided the "serious" ones and was shooed away when it came to the "love" ones (for obvious reasons).

The first sex scene i ever saw was from a film called Species. I think the alien tried to lure some man and seduced him before killing him or something. Whatever it was, i saw it with my dad. Before it happened, he asked me if i was ready for it. I was 13 years old. It happened, i watched it, and in all honesty- i had no idea what just happened and what it was exactly that i saw. And i didn't know what it was about even for a really long time after that.

I remember if i couldn't follow the dialogue, i'd lose interest and leave. Asking questions during a movie was understood to be forbidden. I don't know how that was imbedded in my brain, i never try to disrupt someone when they're watching a movie. My older brother on the other hand, will comment full force whilst watching and repeat dialogue we (also) heard 2 seconds prior, and even when we laugh, he will ask us if we thought it was funny. Strange.
Never disrupt me when i'm watching a movie. Dialogue is serious business.

I know i'm getting somewhere with this.

Okay, so if it was funny, there was singing and dancing, and my parents said yes- i would watch it.
If i couldn't keep up with the movie, there was inappropriate scenes and language- i didn't watch it.
At what point in my life did i ever decide- "I'm in the mood for a serious movie." When did that happen? I must be getting old or something. I was sweeping the floor in my kitchen thinking about an array of DVDs to pick from and the first thought that popped in my head was- "I'm in the mood for something serious".


[This is just scribble, but when i was thinking about it and it was just in my head, this conversation sounded a bit more intellectual]

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