Monday, September 6, 2010

Arbitrary Mind Picks #78

1. A cab driver asked me if i was rich today. I replied, "No..." with a laugh.
He said, "Ah, porma mo lang mayaman?". (Oh, you only look like you're rich?)
And then added, "Baka yung hat mo kasi. Kamukha mo si Michael Jackson..." (Maybe it's your hat. You look like Michael Jackson...)
I was wearing a paperboy cap. Weird conversation.

2. I finally saw Iron Man 2. Key word- FINALLY.

3. While waiting for Dylan to get out of class i was sitting at a table outside his classroom with two other parents. We were discussing the number of long weekends we've had in the past month and the next one coming our way. I blurt out, "I think the world would be a happier place if there were only 4 working days and the weekend had 3...".
"Maybe for children... they'd certainly be happier."
Does that mean he disagrees?
We didn't continue that conversation.

4. Dylan had two servings of dinner. His gag reflex kicked in at the last 2 bites and he gave up saying he was full (He does that when he doesn't wanna eat anymore. I don't mess with the gag reflexes). I ate the rest of his food. As i'm cleaning up (a good 2 minutes later), he asks me for a bread roll... and THEN he opens a bag of some kind of bread snack.
I don't know if i was outsmarted or if he was just really really hungry.

5. Keeping house is no joke.
I seem to enjoy this place in a pristine state 10% of the time i'm here. Maybe even less.

6. I must be bored/itching for a change/restless/indecisive.
I cut my hair again.
Let's just say i'll be pinning my hair up for a while.
Yeah, not as successful as the last time i attempted this. *sigh*

7. I succeeded the 1st day of my fruit cleansing diet... until dinner time.
Dieting is useless. I don't even know why i try.

8. I finished Angry Birds.
Now i have to redo the whole thing and make sure nobody can top my high scores.
I seriously need to paint or something... this hobby is getting old.

9. I know i'll never wear some of them again... but i have sentimental tie-ins with some of my clothes and i just don't have the heart to get rid of them.

10. Another sweater shrunk in the dryer. *shaking head*
I'm gonna end up with a pile of unwashed clothes because of this fear developed by trauma.

3 more school days until another long weekend...

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