Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh. Hell. No.

Out of sheer desperation to entertain myself, the inconceivable has happened- i downloaded a horror/thriller flick and watched it all by myself. My movie of choice- Saw 1-4.
I can stand blood and gore. I've sat through Chainsaw Massacres, Hostels, and Turistas. Horror of the spiritual kind, however, i doubt i'll ever be able to stomach. Exorcism, The Ring, The Shining, Blair Witch, 6th Sense, etc... F*%^ no.
As some would put it- "So... you're actually scared of the things most likely to not happen as opposed to the shit that have gone down in real life?".

I sailed through 4 movies of morbid, bloody, torture. A story of a serial killer, a sick minded psychopath out to teach humankind a lesson in cherishing life. Of course, half the time i was concentrating on something else so i was really only half-paying attention.

My older brother then texts me that there's a serial killer on the loose in my town. He drives a cab. I only take cabs around these here parts. My brother tells me to be careful and my dad tells me i should carry a kitchen knife in my bag (as a joke).

The timing is uncanny.

It's a good excuse to avoid late-night, drunken escapades.

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