Sunday, August 30, 2009

Boob Tube

We have a TV sitting in our room and we never use it. It's fully functional, cable connected and everything, we just never turn it on.

Television fills our heads with so much nonsense. It's dubbed as "entertainment" which is only really something to distract us from the important things going on around us and with its sole purpose to dumb us down to prevent us from thinking too much.

The funny thing is that this garbage really works. I don't watch television at all, but if find one on at whatever random place, i find myself staring blankly at it as if in a trance.

They say knowledge is power, but people ruling our lives, who control the media, choose what goes out there for everybody to hear and for the whole world to see. We've come to the point where even what we think is unknowingly being controlled by a power hungry institution.

Think about it.

The truth is being withheld from us. The world is living a lie.
I may not have the power to change the world... but i can sure as hell create happiness and perfection in my own little corner. It looks as if it's all i can really do.

check out and start thinking for yourself.
It's 2 hours long so give it a try if you have time. You might believe it, you might not... but it's definitely a side that should be heard.
Don't bring it up in conversation though- people will either think you're nuts or a heated argument will ensue because it involves the biggest no-no's in conversation etiquette- religion and politics. Either of which i am no huge fan of... at all.

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