Saturday, July 25, 2009

Arbitrary Mind Picks #12

1) Expensive lesson learned: When you stick a wad of cash into your pocket and you think to yourself or feel as if it might slip out sometime during the course of the evening- take action and transfer it to a more secure location. Chances are, your gut feeling was right. Better safe than sorry, right? *sigh*

2) Nothing makes me happier faster than Dylan's creative process. The kid never ceases to amaze me. Oh, and when you're patting your baby on the bum (like you used to when he/she was actually still a baby) and he/she starts to giggle instead of fall silently asleep... it means he/she really isn't a baby anymore. No matter how long you wanna hold on to that thought for. The toddler years started 3 years ago. Get with the program.

3) The standards you set for yourself should never be part of a compromise, and if it is, make sure the trade-off is fair. You are what you think you're worth. Nobody can tell you otherwise.

4) There are no rules. Do what makes you happy... and if you think twice about it or are guilt stricken afterwards, then you're probably doing something wrong. Life has no limits. You put that on yourself.

5) If you don't smile at least once a day, there's seriously something wrong with your life. Get it together and do something about it.

6) Knocked Up was a funny movie.

7) Chocolate flavored soy milk is a godsend.

8) I REALLY need to pack.

9) Most memorable request from last night's gig:
guy: Hey, can you... play something good?
me: ok. I'm sorry. I wasn't aware i was playing crap all night.
guy: Play 50 Cent or something...
me: 50 Cent? is that your definition of good?
guy: yeah. He's good. Right?
me: yeah... NO.

10) I'm looking forward to decorating and having a place of my own. I'm looking forward to living my life freely and doing the things that i want to do. I'm excited for the change. I'm excited for the move. I love the idea of living how i want to and i'm happy that i'm finally getting the break that i've been waiting for for so long. I can't wait!!!

7 days to go.

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