Sunday, July 12, 2009

Girls Around the World

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I wasn't much of a girl's girl growing up. I think if anything, the girls really didn't like me much. I was very active with sports and such so i got along with the guys fine. I would hang out with a few girls every now and then but i was never really established in a clique or anything. I was always the butterfly that wandered from one group to another.

It was only later on in my teenage life that i realized how important it was to have girl friends. I guess i could say that it came at the right time... and there isn't anything like having really good girl friends. Guys are great, but girls will always get girls.

In the past decade, i've found myself in a core group quite a few times. I've gone from high school chicks, to clubbing cliques, a smoker's union, rebellious dancers, a bunch of alcoholics, insane fighters, movers and motivators, and a bundle of too much fun.
It has been nothing short of awesome.

I'm leaving in 21 days.
For the first time in my adult life, i'm moving to live elsewhere. It's a very surreal feeling- having to be the one to leave and make the excuses as to why i have to do it. I'm usually at the receiving end of these excuses.

Girls are catty and insecure and cruel and possessive and sneaky and bitchy and conniving and plastic and mean. Maybe not all of us are... but majority tend to fall somewhere along those lines. It's hard to find chicks to vibe with. That's just the truth. But when you find the right ones, just like it is with everything else in life, it makes all the difference in the world.

My ladies are spread all over the globe.
Canada, London, Australia, Switzerland, Seattle, Guam... and (now that i'll be leaving) Manila.
"We've all come so far.
Starting families, building careers, falling in love... lives that were intertwined at one point, branched out to go on with their own. We don't talk everyday or write each other every week... but i know the love is there."
[In A Nutshell, June 11, 2007 entry]

I guess what i'm trying to get at is- dang, i'm really gonna miss my gurls.

This post happened because Girl Time yesterday was absolutely awesome. I'm gonna miss nights like that... nothing like shopping, a good dinner, wine over great conversation and a lot of laughter with incredible company to soothe the soul.

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